November 09, 2013

Pet Healing Ceremony

You're invited to a Healing Ceremony on the November 17th Full Moon, 5 pm PST.

This is a long distance energy healing for your pet(s).

I'll go into deep meditation and send healing energy.

You'll be emailed meditation and healing instructions so the group can all be present energetically. Your participation is confidential.

The Taurus Full Moon is powerful for sending healing to body-centred issues, particularly stubborn or puzzling ones.

How to participate in the Healing Ceremony:

-Email me with the name of your pet(s)
-Include your location
-You may ask to be included in the healing
-If you wish to include another person or their pets, you must have   their permission
-The Healing Ceremony is at 5 pm PST Sunday, November 17th. To ensure you join us, please consult the World Clock for the time in your area.

$10 minimum donation per pet or person, through Paypal or INTERAC e-transfer: info(at)

Please note energy healing is not a substitute for veterinary care.

Yours in the love of animals,
Raisa Stone
I'm Dr. Dolittle. Questions?