October 23, 2013

Is Your Animal Angel With You? My Halloween newsletter

Pet Safety at Halloween

-Keep all pets under close supervision. Black cats are particularly at risk of injury from crazies

-Candy is toxic to pets, chocolate is lethal

-Create a safe, quiet space in the house or barn

-People and pets in costume usually terrify animals. Plan carefully

-Don't costume your pet. Costumes blunt their senses, humiliate them and invite aggression from other animals. Animal professionals are overwhelmed with behavioral problems after Halloween.


"If there is a heaven, it's certain our animals are to be there.Their lives become so interwoven with our own, it would take more than an Archangel to detangle them."
~Pam Brown

"Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation."~Kahlil Gibran

"A good dog never dies. He always stays. He walks besides you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter's drawing near. His head is within our hand in his old way."
~Mary Carolyn Davies

"Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim."
~Vicki Harrison

For the soul of every living thing is in the hand of God. ~Job 12:10

My Gift to You

Heal from the devastating grief of pet loss. When you apply for an animal angel session October 23-31, receive a generous 30% off my professional fee. You may enjoy your session any time into 2014.

This applies to sessions for animals in spirit only. You may include two pets in one hour. Only one must be in spirit. In fact, they may wish to connect with one another.

This offer means you can hear from two pets for only $105. Detailed notes are included. I need only a photo, work worldwide, and will give you details about your pets. This is for a full hour with me!

You must apply between October 23-31 for your animal angel session, and pay within 48 hours. You may have your session whenever you feel ready, over the next 12 months.

Needed: Your Experience

Would you like to write about the loss of  your pet?

I have a few spaces open in my upcoming book for your words about pet loss: saying goodbye, memorials to your pet, spirit visitations and reincarnation.

Please contact me through my website.

Pet Loss Interview

As I discussed pet loss extensively on this show, I thought this would be a good time to rebroadcast PAWSitive Radio's interview.

You'll also hear about my goofy Labrador's misguided attempt to sing Evita.

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Animal Soul


It's Halloween: Is Your Animal Angel With You?

They are, and they want to comfort you. The devastation of death is not the end. Halloween is a deeply spiritual holiday that's survived thousands of years. However you celebrate this sacred time of year---we have a spiritual need to acknowledge that not only must all creatures pass, but that their souls can contact us.

Pet loss is incredibly painful, and we live in a society that for the most part, doesn't recognize it as significant.

"'It' was only a dog...cat...horse...bird...rabbit...guinea pig," "You can get another one," and so on, add to our pain and feeling that there's something wrong with grieving a powerful loss.

When I lost my heart dog, Chant, I spiraled down into three months of complete inability to function. I put her body in a snow bank by my back door, and snapped, "She's fine!" at concerned queries. I was unable to work, gave up exercise, and sat in front of the TV chain smoking. It took two interventions by friends and family to surrender my darling to a pet funeral service.

I completely forgot what my grandmother had taught me about contacting the spirits. Now I see this temporary amnesia was necessary, so that I may help others through it.

Chant returned in a powerful vision. She showed me an immense circle of animals and people circling the Universe. As one died, another was born. "See," she said gently, "If no one died, there would be no new life."

Since then, she's often with me. At my side, in various rooms, out walking in Nature. Now and then, she expends the tremendous effort to materialize. I can actually touch her and smell her wonderful, familiar scent.

I live with a herd of loved ones, both animal and human, so large that their spirits overlap in my home. Strangers with strong intuition have approached me to say they see this horse, that dog walking with me.

Right now, they're surrounding me at my computer. Dogs at my feet, cats, bunnies and rodents on my lap, horses standing behind, birds on my shoulder, and some wonderful people just hanging out on the couch.

You can read more about the latter in two of my stories in Miraculous Messages From Heaven, Chicken Soup for the Soul's latest release. My dear ones in spirit are also sources of wise counsel.

Though the reality of death shatters me, it's immensely comforting to know without a doubt that souls are eternal. Over and over, I connect animal angels with grieving owners. I ask pets to give me details about their lives on earth, that can be confirmed. They leave no doubt it's really them. Surviving pets are able to fully grieve their own loss; sometimes, death is even harder on them than on us. They have no distractions. With contact, devastation gives way to a sense of peace.

The survival of an ancient holiday like Halloween reaffirms that we each have an overwhelming need to acknowledge the soul's eternity and spirit contact. It's the time of year when Nature's growth gives way to Nature's pruning, and the walls between worlds are thinnest. This is the time of year it's easiest to contact pets in spirit. Whether you believe they're at a place called the Rainbow Bridge, Heaven, or somewhere that Just Is. They love you as much as you love them.

In honour of this sacred time, I have a gift for you. If you have an animal angel you'd like to hear from, I'll give you a fee break for a few days this month. As long as you apply October 23-31st, you can have your session any time. Details are to your left.

Also available: powerful learning tools to contact your animal angels at your own pace. They may appear in a dream, in a glimpse from the corner of your eye, in a soft touch on your body when "no one's there."

Yours in the love of animals,
Raisa Stone

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St. Francis Blessing of the Animals

What a pleasure it was to donate an energy healing session to the St. Francis Blessing of the Animals charity event at St. Matthew's Anglican Church in Abbotsford, BC! Proceeds were divided among six local animal rescues, for both tame and wild creatures, and we enjoyed a lovely vegetarian dinner. Thank you to Whatcom Road Veterinary Hospital for taking on so much of the organizing.


Look for my stories of how love survives death: "I'll See You" and "Breathe."

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October 12, 2013

Ask the Animals

“Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish in the sea inform you."~Job 12:7-8

October 07, 2013

Miraculous Love in Heaven

Wow oh wow! The UPS man just handed me a box of books. Chicken Soup has published two of my stories about my relationships with loved ones in spirit. I am so excited!!!!!
My stories are called Breathe and I'll See You. They're on pages 130 and 312. Wowwwwwww!!!!!


October 06, 2013

Reisa Stone: Wild Geese

To honour this incredible changing season, I'd like to reprint a piece I wrote two years ago, about being swept up in the migration of Canada Geese:

     Today's Animal Communication miracle left me breathless. I felt an urgent sense to drive across town to our beautiful regional park. As a matter of principle regarding privatization of the wild, I disagree with the parking charge. so I was going to park outside the gates and walk the extra distance on the road. By the time I was halfway there, I had to pee so badly, I trespassed into a farmer's green field (with bushes :-D).

     I heard the wild honking of countless geese. They drowned out tractor and boat noise and the clip clop of a horse on the road. As I stood in the field of long grass and clover, a flock of over one hundred Canada Geese rose from the lagoon an eighth of a mile away. They flew in a curving line east, towards me. As they reached a point above my head, they arc'ed to the south. If you dropped a plumb line from the exact centre of the flock, there I'd be. 

     They were only twenty feet in the air. The sound was overwhelming; nothing existed but the geese, the sky and me. I could see the dark masks on their faces, the undersides of their beaks and the softness of their light gray breasts. The individual feathers on their wings undulated in the autumn sun. My skin tingled.

     A few seconds later, another flock took the same path. Within half an hour, I experienced a similar phenomenon thirteen times. With the exception of two flocks and three straggling couples, the geese flew straight towards me, and turned south precisely over my head. It was as if I were the centre of the gyre, the strange magnet on which these creatures pivot to their winter home.

     I had the stray thought, "Eeeek I hope they don't go to the bathroom on me." One answered, "Don't worry, we went before we left home." It made me smile. He sounded like a precocious five year old, with the baritone voice of an adult.

     I stood there for another ten minutes. The lagoon and sky were silent.

     I'm new to this area. I had no idea that geese live in huge numbers in this partially hidden lagoon, let alone that they all migrate on a certain day. I can only honour the fact that over one thousand Canada Geese chose to fly south at 4:45 pm, October 27, 2011. I was there.

Raisa Stone, 

Expert Animal Communicator

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October 04, 2013

Horses Are Not

Have you ever loved a quote so much, you want to roll in it, kiss it, eat it, dream it, LIVE it, share it with the world?

I found one, by Dr. Lissa Rankin.

"Horses are not people pleasers. They’re not horse pleasers either. They aren’t motivated by the desire to be liked or even to be helpful. But they are motivated by clean, positive energy. If they read that in you, they’ll bump their life force up against yours and basically mimic everything you do—happily."
— Dr. Lissa Rankin

Have a great weekend!

Raisa Stone

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October 01, 2013

Seven Ways to Keep Cats Happy Indoors

Why keep cats indoors? Outdoor cats kill wildlife, and are themselves prey for coyotes, dogs and crazies. They get poisoned, lost and hit by cars. They acquire toxic parasite loads and diseases. In climates without a hard frost (like the West Coast), they'll repeatedly infest your home with fleas.

Cats do need their natural instincts honoured. Four ways to do this:

1. Harness and leash train your kitty. Exploring the world through your cat's senses is enjoyable, and deepens your bond.

2. It's easy to build a wire pen in your yard, or buy a pre-fab Catio. Add climbing shelves from where kitty can view birds and squirrels, and everyone's safe and happy.

3. Play vigorous "hunt and chase" games with your cat, using toys.

4. Make at least part of your cat's diet raw. This includes organ meats and "safe" bones. Muscle meats alone do not contain sufficient nutrients.

5. Grow cat grass.

6. Neuter your cat to curb much of the roaming instinct.

7. Plug in bird DVDs. Your cat will watch for hours, and even bat at the screen. Fun to watch!

On a very serious note: a new study by Environment Canada shows that a shocking 270 million birds are killed annually by domestic cats. The average house cat kills 10-12 birds and other small wildlife daily. This is up to 4400 creatures per year. It is irresponsible to destroy this much wildlife, particularly in a world where their habitat is shrinking rapidly.

Please consider keeping kitty indoors, and also building an enclosed Catio. Everyone can rest easier.

Yours in the love of animals,

Raisa Stone
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This article was first published in Raisa's Animal Soul Newsletter, then in: Abbotsford Today, Langley Today, and on the website for Habitat Haven.