February 24, 2012

Reisa Stone: Communicate With Your Pet, Part II

In my last post, I taught you an exercise to communicate with your pet, and promised you meditative exercises to deepen your skills.

My favorite meditation is in and with Nature. I empty my mind and enter the forest or field expecting the miraculous, and am never disappointed. If you breathe deeply and listen, you'll hear the voices of wildlife, trees and even rocks.

I've been very rushed, working 16-18 hour days expanding my business (besides doing animal communication, I'm marketing my horse art). I was so distracted, I left my glove compartment open and drained the car battery. Heavens to mergatroid, I had plans! I felt my heart pounding and my mind started racing. 

As I waited for my boost, I asked the huge, lush pine tree beside me for a word or two. He said, "Slow down. All will be provided." 

I put aside less necessary errands and made a side trip to my favorite wilderness area. I walked the gentle green (and muddy!) slopes, calming my mind, enjoying just breathing.

On my way out, I spotted a Cooper's Hawk. She was sitting quietly on a telephone wire, gazing over a fallow field. 

I suddenly felt my tiredness. It's been one of those weeks where I've made those extra calls, sent the extra emails---with no response. I wanted to be the hawk. I asked her, "Resting?"

She replied, "I soar, and I rest. If you soar above, there are many opportunities. I ate a mouse today. Now I'm sitting. The fields have more bare spots than full ones. Soar and rest."

I ate today. I drove a car, walked, enjoyed working electronics, heat and running water. Maybe the unreturned calls and emails are for the best, and what if everyone did respond to my clever posts on Facebook?

I'll stop thinking of the bare spots as empty.

This is today's meditation, brought to you by a pine tree and a hawk.

Animal Communication learning materials are available on my website.

Kind regards,
Raisa Stone
Animal Communicator

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