January 27, 2012

Reisa Stone: Are You Housebroken?

Chant at Sundown & Karma Harmonica

A common problem I hear about during Animal Communication sessions is around house breaking. 

AC sessions are from your pet's point of view. I'd like to tell you a story that may change your own point of view about your pets' "problem" behavior.

My two Dobermans, Chant and Karma, were perfectly house trained. True to Dobe nature, to a degree that was even harmful. I was once trapped away from home in a blizzard, and Chant "held it" for over 16 hours, until my fearless neighbour managed to kick in my door. Also true to Dobe nature, his caring deed earned him kisses.

If you have a German personal protection dog, you'll know what I mean when I say they're like an extra set of limbs, or a Siamese twin. They go everywhere with you. You cannot use the bathroom without being subjected to a piercing, protective glare. You either enjoy this, or you do not. 

On forest runs, the girls crashed through the underbrush, within ear shot but only intermittently in sight. One day, Nature called. I found some bushes and...you get the picture.

The Dobes appeared, side by side. They were three or four years old at this point. The stared intently at me. Their stubby tails began to wag. Then their whole bodies vibrated with joy. One turned to the other and said, "She's gotten it! She's finally gotten it! Maybe she'll stop doing it in the house!"

They nodded solicitously. All this time, they'd been dutifully washrooming outside in even the worst Manitoba weather, and keeping their thoughts to themselves. While their backward Mom plowed on with her filthy indoor habits. I certainly did not show this kind of patience in training them.

My same day relapse was met with head shakes and tolerant, amused remarks in their dry German style. At least I cleaned up after myself. They conceded this was fair exchange for poop scooping and a clean, spacious yard.

We're role models by our physical actions, not our words. The next time your puppy/bunny/kitty has an accident, please consider what you model to them daily. It's a big leap to watch the big hairless animal upon whom you rely, practice contradictory behaviors. 

Our pets are extremely patient with us.

Explaining can help. Though my pets never have understood why I have an issue with the neighbours seeing me use the yard. From an animal's point of view, washrooming outdoors is a point of pride. 

Animal Communication can help your understand why your pet persists in a behavior. Acknowledging their patience and our own awkwardness, assists the change process. The rest is up to you. 

In a future blog post, I'll discuss tips that can make house breaking easier. Also, toilet training cats.

Raisa Stone
Expert Animal Communicator

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  1. I think these are great comments, Reisa. Really important to think at the pet's level as much as possible. Also makes me miss my Shepherd-Dobie mix who was with me every moment until a bad cancer got to him. However, I think he understood the toilet to some degree. What went in there from me didn't stay there for long, like it would if I just used some corner in the house.

  2. Awwww sorry about your dog, Jason. That must have been hard. His spirit is still with you, though.

    Wow, Shepherd-Dobie, what a combination. Super smart.

    Yep, "every moment." Very funny about him understanding the toilet. He likely did :-D

    Yes, the more we understand their POV, the better the relationship. What's interesting about helping people resolve in-house soiling problems, is the pet rarely sees it as a "problem"!

  3. Oh! Discovery!! I need to post this URL right on my BFF's facebook site...Kathi loves her dog...well it's really NOT a dog, it's transcended to an equal member of the family! ~Emily Hill~

    1. LOL Emily, thanks for your enthusiasm. Yes, they are family members. I'm so glad a post on house breaking is eliciting emotional responses. Every person that responds, gives others courage to talk about it. It's an issue in many homes. I just hope to help ease the tension around it.