January 23, 2012

Reisa Stone: Pardon Me, Do You Have A Question?


Questions, questions, oh my, do you have questions! As an Animal Communicator, my job largely consists of answering your questions. Or rather, asking your pet to answer your questions, then relaying the answers to you.

Below is a list of questions my amazing clients, friends and Facebook fans (some of you are all three), have asked me. Some have given permission to post their names. They're all hoping their questions will give others courage to ask their own.

The Rule: There are no stupid questions. Well, there was one, a long time ago. But I forgot it  ;-D

Some of these come up repeatedly, some are unique: 

-Are my dog and my horses truly happy having me for their guardian? Is there anything else I can do to make their lives complete?~Myra Morton
-How does my bunny feel?~Tracy Wallace
-Why do my guinea pigs get so scared sometimes? 
  ~Charli Day
-If we are a pack/family, why do they fight? 
 ~Brenda Parchert
-How did she avoid adoption until I got there? 
 ~Patricia Kelley
-Why does my foster dog try to bite new people who  
  come in the house?~Laura Dorr
-What is my pet here to teach me about myself?
 ~Katie Vereschaka
-Do pets reincarnate? Could my present pet be my    
 childhood dog/cat/horse/bunny?
 -How does my horse feel about being ridden?
-How can I make my pet more responsive to training?

-Does my pet have any pain or illness of which I'm not


-Why does my pet soil in the house?

-Does my pet miss her old home, or people and animals she 

 left behind? 

-Can you help my aggressive dog?

-Does she like her trainer/pet sitter/vet/daycare?

-Are pets angry with us when we euthanize them?

-How will I know when it's time to let my pet go? I'm 

 dreading her death.

-Will my cat tell you my personal business?

-Doesn't my pet know her destructiveness upsets me?

-How do I break through my rescue animal's anger and  


-I'm looking for a pet. How do I choose the right one?

-What would make them happy today?

The most common question pet guardians ask:

Does my pet know how much I love them?

Animals rarely ask questions during a session. They pretty 

much know what's going on, and make observations.

When pets do ask a question? I've rarely met an animal 

who's changed hands (whether through rescue or 

sale), who hasn't asked: Are they keeping me?  

No matter how confident the pet acts otherwise, they usually 

ask this in a small, plaintive voice. I get teary, every time.

Kind regards, 

Reisa Stone

Animal Communicator

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  1. Thanks for providing us this site Reisa, for the so many questions we may have.

  2. May I please share as a quote, your last three statements (with proper credit, of course)?
    They speak to me, too, I don't know how, but I just know, I hear what they say though there is no sound, I hear what they say thru their eyes and metalanguage and more...and I don't believe I'm anthropomorphizing, tho' I've been accused of it :)

    1. Just figured out how to Reply so it connects directly to your Comment! Sure Beth, just please link back to my blog. Thank you for joining the blog. Welcome!

  3. You're very welcome, Sandy. Keep sending them in. I'll be answering some of them as blog topics.

  4. PS Beth, about anthropomorphism: The more you meditate (necessary!) and practice Animal Communication, the more you realize it isn't. Animals certainly feel love, hate, jealousy, anger, sadness, physical pain. However, their interpretations are quite different than ours.

    I wouldn't condescend to an animal by ascribing human motives; I'm constantly staggered by their grace, unselfish love and deep intelligence. I like people and know outstanding individuals. However, I have yet to meet one person who has the pure honesty and profound spiritual perspective of the most nondescript animal. I'm a good person, but I'll never achieve in my lifetime, what almost any animal already has. There are angels among us.