July 28, 2013

Reisa Stone: Reasons for Animal Communication Sessions

A list of some reasons people apply for sessions with me.


-Have spent countless hours and dollars trying to change their pet
-Have sought every possible solution, from expensive  

 equipment to total permissiveness, with little improvement
-Avoid certain situations
-Delay vet or groomer visits due to nightmarish behavior
-Lose work, social opportunities or sleep
-Lose precious and costly items to a pet's destructiveness
-Feel angry or disgusted at the pet's behavior, then feel guilty
-Get complaints from neighbours or even Animal Control
-Fear that when other people tell them to, "Just get rid of
  it"---they may be right
-Have elaborate, time consuming systems to keep pets
  from fighting, soiling or destroying property
-Blow classes or even entire expensive weekends at shows
-Experience confusion from conflicting opinions about    

 animal behavior
-Have a stack of expensive books and DVDs gathering dust.

The answer can be in learning your companion's point of view. Your pet has been waiting a lifetime to speak with you. If you've ever personally experienced the frustration other people "deciding for you" what is in your best interest----than you have an idea of what being a pet is like.

Your companion's behaviors are a message for you.They may be saying the same thing over and over, yet unable to make themselves understood. I can tell you what they're saying. If they need training, I can direct you to the TYPE of training from which they'll benefit.

Yours in the love of animals,
Raisa Stone
Expert Animal Communicator

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