November 07, 2013

Goodreads Review of my Stories

I blatantly reviewed my own stories LOL  Hey, it's not as if I hid behind a screen name. 

Here it is: 

Being part of this book is a miraculous experience in itself. To meet so many other people who know that love survives death, is beautiful.

I have two stories in Miraculous Messages.

I'll See You, page 130, is about losing my young love in tragic circumstances:

"...We both loved roaming our rural community on warm nights. So as not to awaken my mother, Grant would gently tap on my bedroom window. I’d climb out and join him. We walked and talked. We lay down in the soft, fragrant dirt between rows of wheat...

He’d sacrificed his life...

...I was inconsolable. At his funeral, I couldn’t stop my ragged sobbing. I dropped two roses into Grant’s grave. A red one for passion, a white one for true love..."

Breathe, page 312, is about a beloved singing teacher who continues to tutor me from the spirit world:

"At my first lesson, I asked, “What are you going to teach me?” He replied, “What would you like to learn?”

I loved him from that moment. It was the love you feel for a teacher who humbles himself in order to elevate you...

..A woman took my elbow and guided me to an elderly lady, whom she told me was blind. The elderly lady said, “I could see Ralph. He was behind you.”..."


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